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Liten lathund för killar

Till er snubbar som inte fattar vad det handlar om eller hur ni ska ta ert ansvar/ bidra/visa er medvetna: om det känns jobbigt att formulera själv, varsågod att copy/paste. Men posta inte bara, läs vad som står och live by it!

I will take this opportunity to self reflection and apology. I have called women derogatory names, I have, when uncertain, taken upon myself to assume where lines would or would not be drawn instead of just asking. I haven’t always been able to clearly distinguish between a joke and harassment. I haven’t always reacted when I’ve seen or heard abusive talk or behavior from other men. For this I apologize! And I hereby swear to be forever vigilant against any abusive behavior I witness from men against women.

Copy and paste this if you are a man and think everyone has more to gain from us sharing the responsibility than being defensive.